About Us

The Pike County Historical Society was organized on April 14, 1953.  There was widespread interest in studying Pike County after Margaret Pace Farmer published her "History of Pike County 1819-1900."  There was 21 charter members of the Society.  Margaret Farmer was the first President; Weldon Smart was Vice President, Annie Laurie Shirley was Secretary, Elizabeth Hilliard was Treasurer and Kate Copeland was the Corresponding Secretary.  

Our Story

The Pike County Historical Society published it's first publication on "The Orion Institute" in July 1955  The Society voted to continue with the publications on a quarterly basis.  The Society continues to publish bulletins on the history and culture of Pike County.  In 2015, the Society voted to pursue efforts to become a 501(c)3 organization in order to apply for grants to continue it's efforts to preserve the rich history of Pike County.  

The 2017 officers of the Pike County Historical, Genealogical and Preserevation Society are:  Presient-Dianne Smith: Vice President-Debra Huggins: Treasurer-Ginger Fridlin: Corresponding Secretary-Connie Kihara: Recording Secretary-Sandra Scott: Board Member-Karen Bullard and Board Member-Marsha Boutwell.